How to show how many times an issue was moved to next sprint?

I`m looking for a way to show, how many times an issue was moved to the next sprint.
For example: right now its sprint 19. an issue in sprint 19, was also in sprint 18, 17, 14.
I want to create a report that shows that this issue was “moved to next sprint” 3 times.

Hope you could help me with that.
Best regards

Hi, @kerenhovav876

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There is the Issue property: Issue Sprints - it shows a comma-separated list of Sprint names assigned to an issue field “Sprint” in Jira.

Using this as a starting point, the solution you can consider is to count the commas in the property “Issue Sprints”.

The formula for that would look something like this:

CASE WHEN NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Sprints]) THEN
Len([Measures].[Issue Sprints])
- Len(Replace([Measures].[Issue Sprints], ',', ''))