How to show the latest assignee in the report


I’m using the Issue Assignee to show the current Assignee. However, when I want to use Assignee as the filter, it also shows the ticket in which Loïc was one of the assignees. How can I limit the filter only to give me the current assignee?

Or how can I use the Assignee field to group the issue but not affect by the history and only show the latest assignee, which is in the current Assignee field?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Hi @Amy_Chang

Welcom to the eazyBI community.

Your report has a historical measure, showing the historical Assignee, and the filtration is by the current assignee, so it seems it isn’t working correctly. There is more than one option to solve this and show Current Assignee.

Adding the measure “Issues created” and filter > 0 is one of them. Please see the picture:

But if you don’t want to add extra measure to the report, the second option is to create the Current Assignee dimension using Javascript.

Don’t be afraid. It’s explained in the community post, by my wonderful college @ilze.leite: Pull Transitions by Current Assignee, not Assignee at Time of Transition - #2 by ilze.leite