I can't import Time to sla data into EazyBi in the way I wanted

Dear all.

I imported slastatus data from Time to sla into EazyBi and I get the table like attached question1.

I want to seperate the tabel by slsnames and get the table like attached question2.

Can you help me to make the table like in question2?

Here’s the script I used to import time to sla data into eazyBi.


data_type = “string”
name = “TTS eazyBI SLA status custom field”
javascript_code = ‘’’
var jsonObject = JSON.parse(issue.fields.customfield_13011);
var slaStatusArray = [];
jsonObject.forEach(function(value) {
if(value.slaStatus !== null){
slaStatusArray.push(value.slaName “:” value.slaStatus);
issue.fields.customfield_ttsSlaStatusCf = slaStatusArray;


Best Regards.


Try adding dimension = true line to advanced settings and then import the SLA Status custom field also as a separate dimension.

Martins / eazyBI