Import Advanced Roadmap Shared Team Work Hours


in advanced roadmaps you can define shared teams with work hours per week on each team member. I would like to import this information into eazybi. I can import the custom field defining the (shared) team allocated to an epic without problems but I am not sure how to import to the team members and work hours per week from advanced roadmaps. In the end I want to compute team capacity (work hours per week for that epic * #of weeks of a fixVersion and substract estimated hours on the epic and see if capacity > estimate).


eazyBI cannot import the data about the Advanced Roadmaps teams and their memberships.
So, capacity reports with the AR data are not possible in eazyBI currently.

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks for the reply, can I create a multiline custom field on my epics and put the team capacity like this:
and then parse this info in eazybi (Calcualted Measure with a Custom Field - 'Short Text') obviously after importing the custom field (or can I already extract that when importing the custom field somehow)?

So yes, I can, how to parse team allocations out of information n the jira fix version description can be found here: String parsing and aggregation in a Calculated Measure - #2 by oskars.laganovskis

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