In a sprint report, calculate story points in Jira backlog at time of sprint

Did a lot of research but I can’t seem to figure this one out. In a sprint report (using sprint dimension as rows) I would like to see the total number of story points in the backlog at the time of each sprint. And by backlog I mean all unresolved issues that were not in an active sprint at the time of the sprint (Jira backlog). This helps us monitor the team’s backlog health and evaluate trends over time.

I’m using the following as a calculated measure for getting the total story points in backlog, but it doesn’t account for time and so the current state of the backlog is displayed for each historical sprint in the report.

– all backlog issues are stored in No Board
– add another filter option, by project name or by team, used in Board filer
CoalesceEmpty(([Measures].[Story Points due],
[Sprint].[(no board)]),0)

A BIG thanks in advance for helping me solve this challenge!

Hi @Drew_Grant,
eazyBI does not import information about Backlog as we import only information stored directly in Issues. Jira stores only cases when any issue is added to a particular sprint. eazyBI stores the Backlog of all boards/sprints together, under (no board) member.
You can see a more detailed answer provided by Daina here:

If you have some particular status as “Backlog” (in my example “Transition Status” - “To Do”) then one option would be to see how many issues have been (measure “Issues history”) in this status at the Sprint start date and subtract those issues that are already planned for the particular sprint.

-- annotations.drill_through_non_empty=false
([Measures].[Issues history],
[Transition Status].[To Do],
[Time].[Day].Datemember([Measures].[Sprint start date]),
([Measures].[Issues history],
[Transition Status].[To Do],
[Time].[Day].Datemember([Measures].[Sprint start date]))

In the report:

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