Is it possible to use workforce as parameter in Jira and EazyBI?

I have the next chart done using an excel:

The story points are normalized story points (NSP) and are calculated as:
NSP = Closed Story points * workforce
(being workforce the percentage of available time of user during the sprint)

The problem is that I have not idea about if Jira saves this kind of info and how. Or if eazyBI can manage someway.
I will be grateful with any info or help that you can give me.

Thank you very much!

Hi @Francho,

As far as I know, the “workforce” is not a standard concept in Jira. That might come from an app or an external system where you plan and maintain the work schedules.
How do you track or manage it? There might be options for importing it into the eazyBI data cube.

​Depending on the options for accessing that data, you might use REST API, SQL, or file upload as a data source and map the data to the Assignee and Time dimensions as additional measures like “Nominal work hours”, “Committed work hours”, “Time off”, etc.
​Please read more about external data mapping here - External data sources.

​Depending on data granularity, you might import the data for days, weeks, or months and then create the measures to compare the nominal and actual availability for the relevant group or individual assignees.
​However, if you plan the workforce availability against Sprints and Teams, you might map the data to these dimensions accordingly.

​Please get in touch with support directly over e-mail with more details if you struggle with setting up data import.

​​Oskars /

Hello @oskars.laganovskis,

First at all, thank a lot for your answer. Answering to your question

How do you track or manage it?

I have tried with different ways but at the end I have created a new issue type named “Absence”. Inside of this new issue, I have created the attribute “Workforce”. Following this method, I created a Absence Issue for each user that aren’t going to work entire sprint.
If Workforce is equal to 90 then it will means that the member of team has worked 9 laboral days from 10 laboral days of the sprint.
If some member of the team hasn’t Absence issues means that this person work full sprint.

But doing that I have the problem that I have reported here:

Again thank you very much for your support and help.