Recover data from the previous sprints

I need help, please. I have done the next report:

As you can see, the problem is that I cannot recover the data from the previous sprint and I have not idea why.

  • Sprint 1:
    • Total Story points that had the board : 22
    • Workforce: 50
    • Number of issues: 8
  • Sprint 2:
    • Total Story points that have the board: 16
    • Workforce: 80
    • Number of issues: 6

[Workforce is a new numerical field created by myself. ]

The most strange thing is that the total result for Workforce created in All Sprints seems to be correct.

I want to recover the total number of issues, the total story points, and the total of workforce in each sprint. Can someone help me about how I could do it please? I am new in eazyBI and I have tried of different ways without successful.

Thank you very much for your time and congrats for the tool!

Hi @Francho ,

The total measures “ created”, etc. are assigned to the last sprint of the issue where the issue got resolved. If you do not resolve the “Absence” issues within these sprints - they get allocated to the “(no sprint)” member in the Sprints dimension, as the open issues are removed from the sprint upon sprint closure.
Alternatively, you might iterate through the relevant issues and look at Sprint scope measures to filter out the relevant ones. Please read more about that here - Jira Software custom fields.

Resolving “Absence” issues within sprints might work better, though.

Oskars /

Hi @oscar.jareno,
Thx a lot for your quick answer!!
When you say:
Resolving “Absence” issues within sprints might work better, though.
You are referring to move “Absence” issues to the DONE column?