IsEmpty([Sprint].CurrentMember.Name doesn't work for my report (measure with "sprint is Empty")

Hello there,

IsEmpty([Sprint].CurrentMember.Name doesn’t work for my report if I want to show all bugs that have an Empty value in the Sprint filed (value is null).

Query from Jira:
project in (XXX) AND issuetype in (bug) AND resolution = unresolved and sprint is EMPTY


Any help appreciated

Hello Kristina,

Here is an overview on how the IsEmpty() function works in eazyBI.

I would suggest first to try to set up the report without any MDX. There is a “(no sprint)” member in Sprint dimension that you could use as a filter. Please see image below.

I hope that helps!
Gvido Neilands

Hello Gvido,

Thank you for your answer, unfortunately “(no sprint)” filter in EasyBI (version 5.3.2:jira-app01.corp) doesn’t work correctly for me, because it shows bugs that have the name of a sprint in the Sprint field. I want to create a report with a list of bugs that have only an Empty value.


Hi @Kristina,

If an issue is not resolved during an assigned sprint, then the property “Issue sprint” is cleared, but sprint scope measures will show the information of previous sprints when used with Sprint dimension.

One option is to construct the calculated measure that would go through all issues and check their history for any sprint values. But I would not recommend this solution as it is resourceful and might slow down the report.
In this case, you might want to precalculate this information with JavaScript calculated custom field and import a new dimension “Number of sprints” that groups issues by the count of sprints they have been assigned during their lifecycle. Please see this Community post where is provided the code and instructions on how to import “Number of sprints” as dimension.

Then you may add dimension “Number of sprints” on pages to your report and filter data by value (none) to get all issues that have never been in any sprint.

Zane /


I tried the options provided but could not able to get the output

I have issues created and they are not present in any sprint yet

Note: I can only define measures but not definations.

Below is the report which I am building

Report should represent all the issues involved in all the sprints which should exculed the issues with blank sprint and few are moved out of sprint to overall backlog (this should also need to be excluded)

Please help me

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @Veerabhadra,

When importing data from Jira, the data model is built around issues. Only those dimension values (like Sprints, Assignee users, Fix version, Resolutions, etc.) that are assigned to at least one issue are available in eazyBI. If Sprint is not assigned to any issue in Jira, then this Sprint is not imported in eazyBI until it gets assigned to some issue.

Sprints assigned are able to get in the report. But for some issues which are in backlog and we have not assigned any sprint yet.
When I run the report in eazybi I am able to get all the issues including backlog .
But I am not able to do to show only the backlog issues.

@Veerabhadra, you might check out the training videos on the main principles of how to work with eazyBI, build reports using dimensions and measures, and filter data by different criteria, like Status.