Issue Link Field Dimension

Hi again,

On page 21-22 of is describes creating a linked issue dimension. I want to do something very similar but ever copying the exact text into the advanced settings doesn’t seem to produce the “Additional Options” section in EazyBI.

This is my config block:

name = “Epic Fix Version”
source_dimension = “Fix Version”
issue_id_column = “epic_id”
group = “Linked issue dimensions”

I’ve tried substituting various things for the issue_id_column (lie issue_key_column = epic_key, which would seem more logical but still nothing.

I’m probably missing something obvious again. Do I need to create a field first for example?

Many thanks…

Hi Digby,

The advanced settings you have posted here look correct, including the issue_id_column.
Have you followed to the Source data import tab to select the import of dimension

Please note that the issue link field dimensions are available for import since eazyBI version 4.5.4.

Lauma /

Thank you! Must be a version issue since we are 4.4.1. Will look forward to us upgrading.