Issue linking - History


At JIRA we have created a issue linking called block
I imported a link to EazyBI called: block

Asks for your help to calculate
The first link of the block issue linking - the issue to which it was linked
The report will look like this:
rows - issue
column - The first issue linked with a block issue linking


Hi @shoshana.uzan,

You may import issue links by specific link type, in your case “block”, but eazyBI does not receive data on when the link was added, unfortunately. You may consider using the linked issue creation date to see which is the oldest of linked issues.

  1. First, import issue links. Here is a description with examples of how to do it: Import issue links.

  2. In the report, define a new calculated measure (in Measures) to find the oldest lined blocking issue. The expression orders linked issues ascending by creation date and return the issue name of the oldest issue (first in the ordered set). The expression might look like this:

    CASE WHEN --perform clacultion only for issues that has any blocikng issue
      NOT IsEmpty([Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Blocking issues') )
      --look up issues that are linked as blocks
        [Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Blocking issues') ),
      --order blocking issues by thrit cretion date
      [Measures].[Issue created date], BASC
    --show the name of the oldest (firt in the ordered set)

    Set measure formatting to Text >> Plain.
    Update the given example property name as you have imported ist for issues links (replace"Blocking issues").

More details on calculated measures and used functions are here:

Zane /