Issue : only few scrum boards of a projets are loaded into eazyBI cube


I have a Jira Scrum Project with currently 5 scrum boards configured.
Only 2 of those boards are loaded into EazyBI cube.
All the 5 boards are very similar, only “column” settings change between them, typically Transition status in Done column.
I don’t understand why I only retreive 2 of the 5 boards when browsing though Sprint/Boards dimension.
Did someone faced this issue.

Hi @thmar,
In the eazyBI Sprint dimension, each sprint is included in the board where it has been created, and the sprint is always included only in one board (this is how hierarchies work). So, if you have boards without sprints created in them (they are related by filters), then they can be not imported.
Sprints are imported into eazyBI account if they have any issues.

Gerda //