Issues count based on their individual story points


I want to count Issues for each sprint based on story-point-interval (0-3, 4-19, 10-19, >=20 story points). So, I created calculated members for each story-point-interval. One example is shown below;

Filter(Descendants([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed] >= 0
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed] <= 3

I am getting the desired results but it is very slow. Some times throw time-out error as well. Look forward to a better way to solve this use case.


You. you may want to import Story points as an interval dimension as well. For that, define advanced settings to import Story point custom field not only as a measure but also as an interval dimension. Reimport the custom field.
Here my colleague Daina has described how to do that: How to create a histogram

After the dimension is imported, you may change intervals to your needed directly form the Story Points dimension.

Finaly, in the report, use Story Points interval dimension together with measures Sprint issues committed. Then you will see how committed issues are split by Story point intervals

Ilze /

Hello Ilze, Thank you so much for your response. Importing Story Points as interval dimension serves the purpose and I was able to generate required report.

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