Issues from specific project no longer show in eazy BI

Hi all,

Out of the blue, issues from one (BECPROP) of my five projects from JIRA no longer show in eazyBI.

I thought this could be a import problem, so I reviewed my import settings, emptied all data from the cube issues and re-imported, with no success.

The sprints from said project no longer show when creating a filter trough pages. I also checked issues with “no sprint” but the missing issues were not there.

I tried filtering for project, and its name does show, but selecting it shows no components at all (not even “no component”).

Any idea what could be causing this? My guess is still that something went wrong during import, but issues from my other projects still work without any problems. I’m an administrator in all of them.

Hi @laura.caceres,

Please review the users’, who authorizes the data import into eazyBI, access to the particular Project issues and Sprints. You can view the user in the “Source data” tab - Data from Jira.

Can the user access the Project issues and Sprints in Jira? If not, consider updating the user permissions in Jira. Another option is resetting the authorization to another user with sufficient access - Data from Jira.

If the user can access the issues and Sprints, please review the eazyBI import options, particularly the “Additional options” tab - JQL filter and custom JavaScript code could exclude issues from data import.

Roberts //