Issues in epic dimension

Hello, everybody. I’m creating a report in which I need to show the Epic, the stories under it and filter by label. The problem is the label is included only in the Epic.

If I apply the label to Issues with Epic hierarchy level selected, the stories under the Epic won’t appear, because they don’t have the label.

So, I know there is an “Epic Link” dimension. Is there an “Issues in Epic” dimension which I can use to filter Epics by label and get the linked child issues?

I Resolve using the follow code in the advance Settings

name = "Alternative labels" 
data_type = "string" 
dimension = true 
multiple_values = true 
split_by = "," 
javascript_code = ''' 
  if( == 10001 && issue.fields.customfield_10115 != null) { 
      var my_url = "/rest/api/2/issue/" + issue.fields.customfield_10115; 
      var val = "" getDocument(my_url, function(resp) { 
           issue.fields.labels = resp.fields.labels 
           issue.fields.customfield_labels1 = resp.fields.labels }); 
    } else { 
       issue.fields.customfield_labels1= issue.fields.labels 
} '''

This code create a new customField just in eazyBI and updated the labels of the story with de labels of the Epic Issue.

take a look the field in Jira

look in eazyBI with filter


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Fantastic! That solved the problem, thank you very much