Issues per hour - Advance settings

we have received from one of our users a request asking how to include issues per hour. They sent us this link as reference and we have some questions

Why this is not included as part of the EazyBI model but you allow to include it as an advance settings? Have you scheduled to include this as part of the application?
We don’t see a good think start including fields using advance settings, imagine we have different users requesting something similar with different fields, that can be a mess!
And the main concern, how can this affect to JIRA performance as this is not part of the EazyBI model.



Thank you for pointing to this.

We do have this request in our backlog, but we still cannot give any estimate of when it might be implemented. We try to keep the default data model as simple as possible with an option to add things when needed. That is why we carefully select the new feature requests for implementation.

The use of the Javascript code in the advanced settings should have a minor impact on the overall performance of Jira. This code is executed during the data import (once per each issue imported) and the result is stored in eazyBI as a pre-calculated value. The report execution using such custom field is at the same level of efficiency as the use of any other dimension in the report.

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks for your response. If it can be added in advance settings and it works, why don’t you include another entry different of advanced settings where this can be added? This configuration should be used only for application parameters not for adding new dimensions. If we add custom fields generated by users that are not appearing on EazyBI in some point the application will fail as this configuration will affect to the application.
We are planning to move to JIRA 8.2, and we are hoping that performance is better in general for JIRA and EazyBI. How is the performance for EazyBI using JIRA 8.2, is it improved?