Issues Resolved not coming under correct time

I desperately need someone’s help here. I have created hour dimension, since I needed to dig down further and TIME dimension was only giving at max the ‘day’. So the thing is, I’m getting ‘issues created’ at that particular hour say 10 am. Now suppose I resolved it by 6 pm. But it’s not showing it under 6 pm, instead it shows resolved issue at 10 am itself. Please help me with that.

Hi @simarpreet_singh,

This particular custom field “Hour of Day created” represents the hour of creation time regardless of used measure in the report.

If you would like to represent resolved issues based on the hour of the resolution time using the same dimension, you might want to create another JavaScript calculated custom measure (JavaScript calculated custom fields).

  1. Deselect custom field “Hour of Day created” from data import and import data. This is necessary so you could apply the changes to the advanced settings.

  2. In advanced settings, add one more line to the custom field “Hour of Day created” definition:
    separate_table = true

  3. Define another JavaScript calculated custom field that would count resolved issues and map them to the dimensions “Hour of Day created” and “Time” by resolution time.
    For custom field add advanced settings parameter
    multiple_dimensions=["Time","Hour of Day created"]
    And make sure to return the JavaScript result in the format <date>,<resolution hour>,<counter for issue>. For example, “29.04.2020,18,1”.

More details on custom field advanced settings separate_table, multiple_dimensions are here: Advanced settings for custom fields.

There is the related topic on how to build custom dimension “Hour of Day Created”:

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