Just want to make a cumulative sum for different value in other field in Jira

I’m newbee to use EasyBi for Jira, but not in language developpement :wink:
I want to make a cumulative field with the condition of the value in un other field.
I read some post in this Community but i don’t find the soluce to this problem.
I would like make a simple thing, i hope…
I explain:
I have a custom field " N° Commande" as define string and i try to define it to number too.
I have a second custom field as “Montant” ( price in english )define as integer

So i want to produce a cumulative sum for the price ( “Montant” ) for each “N° Commande”

Somebody know how to make this ?
I put a screen view of the data for more explain.

The define of the field “Total CDE” in formula is:


Sum([Issue].[Numéro Commande],
[Measures].[Issue Montant])


But the result is blank !

Thanks for your help, ( and sorry for my English ;-))

I resolve the problem to change the field String to a dimension.
To do this, in the Advanced setting add the definition next:

[ jira.customfield_NNNNN]
data_type = “string”
dimension = true

The post were i found the soluce:


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