Limit issues history by sprint start/end dates

I’ve built a report that gives me the issue status history for each date of a selected sprint. However, the transition status history doesn’t end with the last date of the sprint, it continue to the current day. I know why it’s doing it but have failed to be able to prevent it.

First, here’s a picture of the report (I have sprints in Pages so I can filter by one sprint at a time). In this case the sprint ended on August 18th:

I am using the out-of-the-box Issues history measure. It is defined as:

    Cache([Measures].[Transitions to]
        - [Measures].[Transitions from])
  + [Measures].[Transitions to]
  - [Measures].[Transitions from]

I understand that the measure is summing up all previous time periods from today. But how do I limit it to the Sprint I’ve selected in the filter? I only want to see the issue history from the selected sprint’s start date until its end date.

I tried the following but get no results. The idea being that I’d create a set of dates between the sprint’s start/end date. I’m still a novice so it’s difficult for me to troubleshoot. Any ideas??

        [Sprint].[Sprint].CurrentMember.getDate('Start Date'),
        [Sprint].[Sprint].CurrentMember.getDate('End Date')
    Cache([Measures].[Transitions to]
        - [Measures].[Transitions from])


Hi @jrjanis,

Try switching to the table view and add the predefined measure “Time within Sprint”. It will display “1” for every “Day” level member within the current Sprint start and end dates. Filter the report rows by this measure > 0 and then remove it. The measure will filter the report even after you remove it.

If you have another dimension in Columns of the report, first collapse it to the “All” level and then set the filter for the “Time within Sprint” measure

See the picture below:

Roberts //