Need set of sprints from specific gorup of boards

Hi @roberts.cacus,
I appreciate your response. I don’t think this would give me what I need. I’m looking to group all Sprint 1s, across four or more PIs, together, then all Sprint 2s, then all Sprint 3s, etc. Your suggestion would work for limiting a set of sprints to a common PI. I could filter for sprint end date between the start/end date of a PI. However, to get PI-01.Sprint 1, PI-02.Sprint 1, PI-03.Sprint 1, etc. I wouldn’t be able to use the “between” filter. Here’s a pic of the data table that may help clarify things.
Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 1.21.49 PM

I have gotten the report to work - or at least generate something that seems reasonably accurate. My current major issues with this report are the following:

  1. it’s incredibly slow to execute. most times it will time out after 60 seconds and I have to refresh. Eventually it will execute and display the chart.
  2. I can’t readily confirm the accuracy of the report. I don’t know for sure that my calculated measures are put together properly and, for various reasons, it is very difficult to verify the results. If I had more confidence in the measures (or if they executed faster), this would be a more realistic task.


I am having a different issue with trying to create a measure for specific Sprints. For that one I can’t use your suggestion here because I want the report user to be able to pick a sprint from the Page filter. Perhaps you can take a look at that one? Much appreciated!!