Linked Issue Status dimension


I’d like to take Status of linked issues as dimension.
I have the following linked issue script:

name = “is action item for”
inward_link = “is action item for”
dimension = true
multiple_values = true

For Status Dimension I try to use
name = “Linked issue Status”
source_dimension = “Status”
issue_key_column = “customfield_isactionitem”
group = “Linked issue dimensions”

But after importing I receive the error:

What I did wrong?

Hi Anton!

Importing Linked field dimension is not possible if there are multiple linked issues - eazyBI cannot get the multiple statuses of the many linked action items.

If actually there is one action item link, please

  1. unselect it from import (run import without the Action item custom field to delete all the configuration created in database for this custom field)
  2. remove the multiple_values = true setting for the link customfield dimension
  3. After import you can again add the Linked issue Status dimension.

Please let me know if you have further questions regarding this!
Lauma /

Thanks, but each jira can have multiple action items. However, Action item can be related to only one Jira.
Therefore, I will be able to create Table, where see all action items statuses for one Jira, won’t I?


In such a case, I imagine it is best that you import Action items in a dimension that is linked to issues with outward_link. As below - I have one issue, but it can have several bugs:

In this case, I can use the standard Status dimension to filter issues and see all their bugs no matter what the status of the bug is.

Here is the configuration for the Bugs dimension I used:
name = “Bugs”
outward_link = “causes”
issue_type = “Bug”
dimension = true
multiple_values = true

Lauma /

Thanks, but we currently use it :slight_smile:
But we’d like to see status of linked issues in order to understand the status of each action item. Our management wants to see and track that.
We have as parent issue ‘Production incidents’ and as linked - ‘Action items’. And need to track solving of AIs for preventing the incidents. Maybe you can advise something, how we could track such case?

Anton, Thank you for the details! I see what you mean now.
In such a case you can create another property Measure that would return the status of the current ‘Action item’ similarly as in my Bugs example:

Here is the formula for Bug status:

 [Measures].[Issue status]

Lauma /