Logged by and Assignee


In my report i would like to have data in a table for Original estimated hours, Hours Spent and Tempo planned hours

With Logged by dimension I can see Hours Spent and Tempo, how I can have the same result in this Table like Assignee Dimension.

Sometime A ressource By default can be assigned on Issue but It doesn’t do hours spent

Thanks by advance for your help

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Hi @Jerome_Arpin ,

Here is a similar topic of how to get Logged Hours by Assignee when the Assignee dimension is used: Original estimated hours vs hours spents - #2 by gerda.grantina

If you use the Logged by dimension, you can in a similar way get the Original estimate of issues the user who logged the hours is assigned to:

  [Measures].[Original estimated hours],
    [Logged by].CurrentMember.Key
  [Logged by].DefaultMember

Lauma / support@eazybi.com