Measure for Story Points Committed That Matches Jira Velocity Chart Commited SP

I’m seeing in some cases that Committed Story Points in Jira (Sprint Report, Velocity Chart) do not match the Measure for “Sprint Story Points committed” in EazyBI. Previous answers to this question use Sprint Issues Committed in the correction and don’t work. In most cases its accurate or close, but about 40% of sprints have a greater number of points committed using the EazyBI measure.

I need to create a user defined Calculated measure that consistently and accurately replicates the Committed Story Points in Jira (Sprint Report, Velocity Chart). Its beyond me how the existing “Story Points Committed” doesn’t do that currently

I agree. I need to at least explain the difference in order to use this. I am struggling to build a meaningful report around committed vs delivered. Both tools says its story points assigned at sprint start moment. The diffs are in if you dont have a status mapped to a column correctly in jira and if you moved a “done” issue into a sprint. But i’m getting things like like story points added later in the day of a sprint. When creating a filter for “last closed sprint” it pulls back random sprints for them past.

I’m still looking for an answer/solution here myself but you hit on something that might help me better understand what is happening. I know about the scenario where you add a done item to a Sprint and can fix that one on the Jira side via process, but the mapping issue you describe is new to me.

Can you offer an example of what this incorrect mapping looks like? It seems to be the same Teams that get inconsistent results but I haven’t been able to narrow down why because it’s not every sprint.

For example if on your jira “board settings”, Column mapping, you don’t have draft mapped to a column, yet you put draft issues into a sprint from your backlog, Jira won’t count it, EazyBI would


There is one likely reason why eazyBI shows more committed story points than the Jira Sprint report.
eazyBI includes in the committed count the issues completed outside the sprint:

There could be other reasons, but I would suggest contacting support and check which are extra issues counted by eazyBI in your case.

Janis, eazyBI support

Is there a way to segregate the story points for the issues completed outside of this sprint from the ‘Sprint Story Points committed’ and from ‘Sprint Story Points completed’ measure?


the following formula gives the number of story points in sprint that are completed before sprint start:

([Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed],
[Transition Status.Category].[Done])

Janis, eazyBI support