Montecarlo Simulation

I realise there’s already the question MonteCarlo chart open, but the example provided in the Demo is not really a Montecarlo simulation as it doesn’t play X amount of scenarios based on throughput (which would cover the unpredictability part of it).
It only shows what are the 1st and 3rd percentiles of data already collected (no simulated).
Is there any way in EazyBI we could do these simulations (and choose how many scenarios we’d like for these)?
I know is too big of an ask, but a “When” forecasting also could be something interesting to have (as it resonates more with stakeholders that are not so familiar with statistics).

Thank you for reaching out and expressing interest in adding MonteCarlo simulation in eazyBI! As of now, this feature has not been included mainly because we haven’t identified an urgent demand for it among our customer base and it would be quite a complex task for MDX. We will post if anything changes.