Multiple projects, common epic link

We have several projects (let’s say A, B and C) and in project A we created epic A1. Issues created in any of the projects are linked to epic A1. I created a bar chart (by category, which is also common, and epic), and the visual showed one category but three epics with the same name. How can I force the bar chart to show one bar (status count on epic A1 only), not three bars?

Hi @jabrillo ,

You got three bars because issues related to the same epic come from different projects.
The problem of having issues from multiple projects linked to the same epic has already been around for some while.
Solution for a similar problem was provided in this community thread - Sum story points by epic cross project.

You can define a new hierarchy with levels Epic>Parent>Sub-tasks by removing the project level. Here is a definition for Epic without project hierarchy described in our documentation.
With this approach, you can use the new Issue hierarchy for your report, and any default measure will work there.

Oskars /

but I’m missing something, in the original estimate i got all the hours for the epic and not for the specific month.
do i need to add something?