Need Help Identifying Inactive Users in EazyBI


I’m currently working on activity reports in EazyBI and facing a challenge in identifying inactive users within our Jira instance. I’ve been using a Jira filter that works well, but I’m struggling to replicate the same functionality in EazyBI. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

In Jira, I’m using the following JQL filter to find inactive users:

" assignee in (inactiveUsers()) AND statusCategory != Done ORDER BY assignee ASC "

My goal is to achieve the same result in EazyBI. I attempted to create a calculated member in the Assignee Dimension with the following formula:

[Assignee].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ‘.[X].’)

However, this approach didn’t yield the desired results. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide guidance on how to correctly identify inactive users in EazyBI based on the criteria used in the Jira filter.

Thank you for your assistance!


Please check these two other community threads on how to filter report by active users

Martins / eazyBI

I finally achieved it by importing via Rest API,


And applying the following mapping:

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Hello @Miqueas_Milanesio,

Can you share with us the javascript you used to achieve this?


Hi @Nanda

The JavaScript codes I used were simply to tidy up the data I obtained. Here’s what I used:

if (doc.accountType === “atlassian”) {
return doc.accountId;
} else {
return “”;

return“true”, “Activo”).replace(“false”, null )

return null , “Inactivo”).replace(“Activo”, null )

Usuarios activos:
return“Activo”, “1”).replace( null , “0”)

I hope you find it useful.

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