Need help with getting count of total issues on any specific day

Hi Team

I am making a report where per sprint , i want to know each day how many issues were in progress.
Somthing like below
Sprint 1
Day1 —10
Day2- 8

I can’t get the count of issues in progress on any given day , can you help ?

Thanks and regards

Hi @Uttam,

You might want to use the measure “Issues history” and dimension “Transition Status” to see the issues count in a particular status for each day (see measure and dimension description in the documentation Import issue change history).

Check out those reports in the Demo account

If you have several measures on the report columns and can not afford to set “Transition Status” as a filter, then you can create a new calculated measure in Measures. For the calculation, use a tuple of “Issues history” and Transition Status category “In Progress”:

  [Measures].[Issues history],
  [Transition Status].[In Progress]

More details on calculated measures and tuples are here: Calculated measures.

Zane /