Need to retrieve tickets of sprint Issues completed and Sprint ISsues not completed based on Board Status

Hi Team,

We are working on KPI report in eazyBI where we have requirement that Sprint issues not completed should be calculated.

In Sprint Board, We have Statuses Closed,Delivered,Resolved,Cancelled are considered as Closed or Done.

EazyBI default measure Sprint Issues Completed have formula
[Measures].[Sprint issues at closing],
[Transition Status.Category].[Done]

When I tried with below formula based on our board I am getting error

[Measures].[Sprint issues at closing],
[Transition Status.].[Closed], [Transition Status.].[Resolved], [Transition Status.].[Cancelled], [Transition Status.].[Delivered]

Could you please help with this request?


Hi @Tamilselvan,

Welcome to the eazyBI community!
You were going in the right direction.

​However, the concept of tuple presumes only one member of each dimension.
You might use the sum or aggregation of the measure over multiple members since you have several members from the “Transition status” dimension.

​You might use the following expression.

--set of members for aggregation
{[Transition Status].[Closed],
 [Transition Status].[Resolved],
 [Transition Status].[Cancelled],
 [Transition Status].[Delivered]},
--measure to aggregate over the set
[Measures].[Sprint issues at closing])

​Oskars /