Need two Reports based on a Custom Field contexts but only when together

I have the custom field Channel Impacted as a Page and tried to Define a new calculated member that uses “Correspondent” and “Field Retail”. The problem is then I get issues that have just Correspondent or Field Retail by themselves as well. The Mgr only wants to see Issue that have both but not either or.

A second report, would show Issues that have No Channels selected yet or only Channels that DO NOT include Correspondent and/or Field Retail.

Hi @GcSull ,
If you have a field that contains a multi-value list, then you can check this solution on how to create a CSV dimension and then filter out specific value combinations:

Gerda //

This is very helpful and I learned so much just following these steps. The Mgr wanted a list of Issues vs count so I used that dimension as a Page and left “Issue” as a Row then selected the appropriate combination for the results he wanted. I add the Measure of Issues Created for a count as well.
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