Nested Sort - per multiple columns

Currently EazyBI tables allows sorting only per one column.
Sometimes it is required to do a nested sorting: Sort per one column, and then a secondary sort per another column.
We would appreciate adding this to your backlog.


Hi Ran

We added the request to our development backlog.

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Hi guys, we also are interested in this feature. Is there a chance that it will be implemented or is there a workaround to achieve this? Thanks.

We are also interested. Any plans to add this?

Any update on this? This seems like a really valuable feature.

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Any workaround to make a nested sort?

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This feature is still on our backlog.
The workaround is a calculated measure that could be used for ordering. Here are few examples:

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Hi eazyBI support team,
Please provide an update on this feature enhancement request. Any ETA for a future release?

There is nothing new regarding this feature to order by multiple columns; it is still on our backlog but not on the roadmap.

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Hi any update on this feature?

This feature is not on our roadmap yet. However, your comment on this Community post counts as a vote to make the feature more popular.

Meanwhile, use dimensions to group data by similar fields or calcauted measures to concatenate values and then use that concatinated valu fro sorting data.

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