Nested Sort - per multiple columns

Currently EazyBI tables allows sorting only per one column.
Sometimes it is required to do a nested sorting: Sort per one column, and then a secondary sort per another column.
We would appreciate adding this to your backlog.


Hi Ran

We added the request to our development backlog.

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Hi guys, we also are interested in this feature. Is there a chance that it will be implemented or is there a workaround to achieve this? Thanks.

We are also interested. Any plans to add this?

Any update on this? This seems like a really valuable feature.

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Any workaround to make a nested sort?

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This feature is still on our backlog.
The workaround is a calculated measure that could be used for ordering. Here are few examples:

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Hi eazyBI support team,
Please provide an update on this feature enhancement request. Any ETA for a future release?

There is nothing new regarding this feature to order by multiple columns; it is still on our backlog but not on the roadmap.

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