Number of times issue was assigned to specific user in 1 sprint

The case is: I would like to know how many times a person was assigned to tasks during given sprint.

There are 3 tasks (ABC) in sprint. There are 2 developers (1&2).
The assignee of tasks were as follow:
A: 1->2->1
B: 2
C: 1->2->1->2->1

The final table I would like to get is:

  • Sprint 1: Person 1: 5 (as the person 1 was assigned to all tasks 5 times)
  • Sprint 1: Person 2: 4

How can I achieve that?
I tried this: Number of Sprint users / participants but it doesn’t work for this case.

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Hi @Damian_P,

The expression used for “Number of Sprint users/ participants” is tailored to show the unique assignees during the sprint.
You seem to be looking for the number of transitions to the specific Assignee.

Therefore, you might address that figure directly via the measure “Transitions to Assignee”.
You might read more about issue change history measures here - Import issue change history.

Oskars /