% of Escalation


I would like to create a new measurement of “% of Escalation”.
WE define “% of Escalation” as :
No. of tickets that were opened for Project A and were closed outside of Project B / No. of tickets that were opened on Project A

Is there a way to get info on issues that where moved outside the project?


Hi @noga,
Currently, in eazyBI it is not possible to track if the issue has been moved between projects, but I will register this feature request in our backlog for consideration.

In a similar question, this answer was suggested, maybe it could work for you:

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com

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Hello! This is a feature my team also would like to have. Are there any workarounds/alternative solutions? I see that someone suggested using a scripted custom field: Change in project. Has this worked for anyone? Thanks

Hi @tzengtif ! We did that - i’ve got custom field which shows me last project the issue was in (but only previous one).

It looks like that:

When the issue wasn’t move at all it won’t show in this table.