Planned and Unplanned System Availability

Hey team,

I have been asked to see if we can measure planned and Unplanned availability using EAZYBI.

I came across this thread which indicates yes.

I have followed the tops from @daina.tupule but now need to show the result as a percentage to 3 points.

In Cell Formatting Custom Formula I have tried the following formula:

sum(720/(720+Duration(hours)0 *100

To make the number a percentage, but it’s not working.

Can this be done for both Planned and Unplanned as I would like to show them as Gauge results for a dashboard of sorts.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



Hi @David_Horne,

If you want to show the result as a percentage with the precision of three decimal places, you might apply the following formatting
​Please see below a screenshot of what to put in for the measure formatting and how that looks in the report.

​Oskars /

Hi @oskars.laganovskis ,

Thanks for responding. I do not seem to have that option in the Cell Formatting Custom Formula.

To do it as a Calculated Member, what formula would I use to achieve that result?

Thanks again.



Hi @David_Horne,

This option is available for the calculated member formatting.
If you need to change the formatting for the default measure - you might create a new calculated measure with a direct reference to the original measure.

Please see the screenshot below.

Oskars /

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Thanks @oskars.laganovskis ,
Solved. I was making it all too complicated.

Thanks again for your help.

Have a great weekend.