Points Completed within Sprint Start and End Date using Sprint Page Filter

Hi I have a team that works both in sprints for certain project work and outside of sprints (no sprint assigned to the issue) for other work.

I’m trying to build a report that can show how many story points were created and resolved by each team member. The report I have already built has ‘Sprint’ as a page filter so I can look at the creation/resolution for a given sprint period. This works fine for all work that’s assigned a sprint but I am missing any non-sprint assigned work a team member may take on during the sprint period.

Is there a way to have sprint as a page filter but show in the measures a total of the story points created and resolved for issues both assigned to the filtered sprint AND created and resolved within the sprint start and end date? This would capture total work done by the team while allowing me to filter time periods by sprint start/ends.

Hi @Sharon_Mui,

Please see an example measure for Work resolved in sprint in this eazyBI demo report: Story points burn-down by sprints for epic - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI.

The formula goes through issues to find the resolution dates between Sprint start and end dates and then sums their story points. You can further adjust the formula to take only issues created and resolved within the Sprint period.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com