Problème date time format

I’m new to eazybi !!

I have a problem with the date and time formatting on the eazybi tool. In fact, the entire jira date and time system works with the dd/MM/YY HH:MM format, which makes it possible to work with a 24-hour time format.
the screenshot below shows that the date format is correct but not the time.

in the screenshot below, instead of displaying a format of 2022-06-21 15:01, another format is displayed 2022-06-21 03:1:24

Hi lahcen,
Welcome to eazyBI community!

The default eazyBI time format is 24-hour, and if it was 12-hour there would be AM or PM at the end. eazyBI by default imports the dates with the server timezone and there can be two reasons why the dates in eazyBI appear differently than what you see in Jira - see this community post.