Problems defining a custom field for the order of the Y axis of a graph


I am trying to order a graph by the jira field summary following what is explained here: Sort on a dimension

I have the cloud Jira version and I am trying to create the custom field from the Jira import options but, when I try to save the field configuration I get a message saying that the return clause in the javascript code is missing but, this field shouldn’t return too much. Am I missing something? Could you please help me. I attach a screenshot of the configuration and what I get:

Hi @Joaquin_Gago,
The solution shared in the Community post would work only when the new calculated field is defined from eazyBI advanced settings.
You can use the same approach also if you define your new calculated field from the import options page, the difference is that you don’t need the full configuration (that is done by checkboxes), you only need this code with ‘return’ for JavaScript:

return issue.fields.summary

The setup would look like this:

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