Sort on a dimension

Hi all
I am new to EazyBI and am able to find my way a little bit, it is a very user-friendly tool
but I want my table or graph to be sorted on Epic Link (description)
by default it is sorting it on jira-issue-key

I only found out how I can sort on measures, but not the dimension

please advise

kind regards

Hi @BenSprangers,

By default, issues and epics are ordered by issue key. If you would like to order them by summary, you might want to import the summary as an issue property first and the order issues or epics by this property.

  1. In eazyBI advanced settings, add definition with JavaScript code to import issue summary as property ( The code to import issue summary might look like this:

    # Summary as property
    name = "Summary"
    data_type = "string"
    javascript_code = '''
    if (issue.fields.summary) {
     issue.fields.customfield_issuesummary = issue.fields.summary
  2. In eazyBI import options, select the custom field Summary for data import and import data

  3. After data import, new issue property Issue Summary will be available for your reports and calculations.

  4. If you have Epic Link dimension on row, then define a new calculated measure in Measures to represent summary also for Epic Link:

    [Epic Link].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Summary')

  5. In the report, add this calculated measure Epic Link summary as a column and order rows by it. Then remove the column, but the order will remain (see picture below).

Zane /


The solution shared above by @zane.baranovska would work only when the new calculated field is defined from eazyBI advanced settings.
If you define your new calculated field from the import options page, the Javascript requires return
Then this is the right code to use:

return issue.fields.summary

Gerda //