Progress bar per initiative based on closed vs remaining underlying story points

Hi Guys,

I really need to create a report which shows the progress of each Initiative in a PI (FixVersion), based on underlying story points closed vs story points not-closed. We’re using Advanced Roadmaps and Jira together and our hierarchy is Initiative → Epic → Story/Task/Bug. So the Stories, Tasks and Bugs are linked to Epics via the Epic Link and the Epics are linked to the Initiatives via he Parent Link.

I need to track the status of closed stories+tasks+bugs and their associated points that roll up to each Initiative. The request is similar to what Advanced Roadmaps has in the progress bar, but I need this in a report. I’m struggling to make this work and need some guidance. I saw this older thread but it doesn’t look like it was ever completed.

Can you help me?

@es_eazyBI How can I get some traction on this and input from the eazyBI in-house experts? Thanks!

Hi @drewwiseman,
If the Advanced Roadmaps is used, you need to import Parent Link and Epic Link fields and then after the data import “Advanced Roadmap” hierarchy is created based on the Jira configuration (on the Cloud you need to enable the integration and add the hierarchy configuration, see here).
Also, in this Community article you can learn more about additional issue hierarchies.

After that you can create a custom measure in the Measure dimension to roll up the progress. See an example here using “Issues resolved %”: Issue Epic Gantt Chart - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

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Gerda //

The example provided does not leverage the Advanced Roadmaps configuration. Can you provide an example that uses the data after making the configuration/import changes noted in your first paragraph?