Progress bar per initiative based on closed vs remaining underlying story points

Hi Guys,

I really need to create a report which shows the progress of each Initiative in a PI (FixVersion), based on underlying story points closed vs story points not-closed. We’re using Advanced Roadmaps and Jira together and our hierarchy is Initiative → Epic → Story/Task/Bug. So the Stories, Tasks and Bugs are linked to Epics via the Epic Link and the Epics are linked to the Initiatives via he Parent Link.

I need to track the status of closed stories+tasks+bugs and their associated points that roll up to each Initiative. The request is similar to what Advanced Roadmaps has in the progress bar, but I need this in a report. I’m struggling to make this work and need some guidance. I saw this older thread but it doesn’t look like it was ever completed.

Can you help me?

@es_eazyBI How can I get some traction on this and input from the eazyBI in-house experts? Thanks!