Project Component transition

How to track the transition of a issue from one project component to another project component. Im looking to track the effort put in only for a specific component. Can anyone help please

Hi @Ranjani0691,

The Jira Components field is a multi-value field. Unfortunately, eazyBI can track changes only for single-value fields. You can read more about this on our documentation page -

One thing you can try is to get the information in a scripted field in Jira and then try to import it in eazyBI. Please have a look at a use case where the history of “Original estimated hours” is imported via a Jira Misc custom field -

You could try to get a string of the Component values and the date the changes were made.

Also, you can have a look at another community post where a different approach is suggested - Component Change History.

Roberts //

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the response. The transition that I’m trying to track is between components of the same project. Could you confirm if the same response applies to this scenario as well.



Yes, the solution is the same, even for changes within one project component. The limitation is due to the nature of the “Components” field - it is a multi-value field.

Roberts //