Query if Jira field has value

Hi, I want to understand whether or not the custom fields in our Jira instance are being used, and if so how frequently. How can I create a chart that reports on if a field simply has a value or not? This will help me understand which custom fields can be deprecated.

Hi @pacerwow!

In Jira issues cube eazyBI analyses only the custom fields that are selected for import as well as if they are used in the projects that are imported. Importing all projects and all custom fields for the described purpose would not be efficient.

I would suggest creating a separate account and cube for analyzing custom field usage. See more details about SQL source import here https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBI/Import+from+SQL.

For example, you can add an SQL source from Jira database to import the count of how many issues have the custom field:

select cf.cfname, 
COALESCE(cfc.count, 0) as count 
from customfield cf
	left join 
		(select count(1) as count, cfv.customfield
			from customfieldvalue cfv
		 group by cfv.customfield
		) cfc on cf.id = cfc.customfield
order by cf.cfname

The source mapping would look as follows

To analyze the custom fields in more detail you can add other information to the SQL and the Cube as well.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com