Reorder x axis not by name

hello community,

i would need help regarding the order of the x axis when i do not use time but (in my case) names of versions from a project. the version have names like AA010, AB010, A0010, AA020, AB020, A0020 <- this is also the order i need in my chart but when i order them by name the result is AA010,AA020,AB010,…
is there a way to arrange the x axis without bookmarking? this is not possible for me because weekly there are new versions released and this would make it ineffective.
thanks for the help!

Hi @Philipp,

Each dimension and each hierarchy within a dimension has its order of members.
For version related dimension Fix Version and Affects Version is three hierarchies:

  • Default hierarchy: versions are ordered first by project, then by status and only then by name alphabetically
  • Hierarchy by name: where versions are ordered alphabetically by name.
  • Hierarchy by status: where versions are ordered first by status, then by project and then by name alphabetically.

Another option to order versions is to create a new calculated member in dimension Fix Version (or dimension Affects Version if that is on rows) and define order by some version property, like, Start date or Release date.
Please visit community post on this topic how to change row order with a calculated member: How to change order of columns and rows in the report?

For example, to order all fix version by release date, a formula for a calculated member may look like this:

  [Fix Version].[Version].Members,
  [Fix Version].CurrentMember.get('Release date'),

More information on calculated members is in the documentation:

Zane /