Report based on the issue epic value

I got the following structure:
Epic (contains custom_field value needed)

I want a report like this:

(From epic) Num of bugs resolved Num of bugs created
Custom_field value 1 ### ###
Custom_field value 2 ### ###

Any suggestion is welcome, Thanks!


In this case, try defining and importing new inherited field “Epic custom_field” from the advanced settings as in this example:

The JS code part an vary depending on your “custom_field” type as different type fields could have different JSON structure in Jira.

But this approach would work only for single-select Jira custom fields (one value per field per issue).

Martins / eazyBI

Thanks @martins.vanags !
I tried this solution.
The only thing that I am missing is that using this solution - I can’t see the bugs… The bugs are located in different project(s) and using this method only issues from the same project of the epic can be seen.

in my use case - the custom fields are text fields



Make sure the bugs from other projects are imported from the import options page.
The hierarchy won’t show unimported issues.

The approach should work find with single-line text fields.
The JS code would be slightly different (because JSON structure for text fields is different), but it should work with text fields.

Martins / eazyBI

Thanks, it worked!
I missed something in the configuration of the epic custom field, now it’s working as expected.

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