Report on issues closed within number of days from creation

Hi There,

using EasyBI, I am trying to report the number of issues that get closed within a custom number of days from creation date. we do not use due date, but we do use resolution date.

See Example here:
5 issues were created on November 1, with the following resolution dates:

  • 2 Resolved Nov 3 (2 days after create)
  • 2 resolved Nov 5 (4 days after create)
  • 1 resolved Nov 10 (9 days after create)

Assuming that I want to see all issues closed within 7 days of the creation date (Considered “In Time”, I hope to see a table like below:
(Specifically focusing on returning results for the 3rd column)

Date: # issues created: # issues Closed “In Time”:Close Rate
Nov1 _____5 _________________4 ______________80%


In this case, you could define a new calculated member (with Integer formatting) for “Measures” dimension which would do this calculation
Try this code:

Not IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue resolution date])
[Measures].[Issues created]>0
DateWithoutTime([Measures].[Issue created date]),
DateWithoutTime([Measures].[Issue resolution date])

Later you could define another new calculated measure (with % formatting) to calculate the Close Rate (from the measures Issues created and the measure from the previous step)

See also the attachment below.

Martins / eazyBI support


Thanks so much Martins,

This solved my question perfectly!