Risk Reporting - Custom Fields?

Hey team,

I need to do some reporting on risks associated with a range of Issues/issue Types.

I have been reading the Advanced Setting for custom fields, but want to be clear on what I am doing.

Do I need to establish a range of custom fields in EZYBI to achieve this, for instance:



What would the java script for this types of things look like (sorry have never done coding before.).

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Hi @David_Horne

Could you please give some more details on these custom fields that you want to import?

Are they already defined in your Jira instance?

In eazyBI, when you go to the “Source Data” tab → click “Edit” on your Jira source → open “Custom fields” section, are these fields available for selection? If so, you might as well import them as dimensions and properties and use them in your reports.

Let me know how these fields are currently set up, and I’ll try to assist you with them!
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Hi @nauris.malitis ,

In Jira we use a number of Risk field including the above, along with:
Initial Consequence rating
Program Risk Category
Enterprise Level Risk
Residual Consequence Rating etc

I have looked at the Custom Field area for import, but they do not show up there for import.

I had noticed some other advice that seems illustrate a means to use Java Script to point EazyBi to get the fields from Jira into EazyBI.

Thanks in advance.



Hi @nauris.malitis ,

More research at my end, and I have found some custom fields and imported them for the source file.

This changes my question to the newest post I have done today:
Risk Reporting - Calculated Measure or Calculated Member



Hi @David_Horne

I’ll link the new thread here: Risk Register Fields -Risk Reporting - Calculated Measure or Calculated Member