SAFe similar program increment time hierarchy member?

Hi. We are using SAFe approach including Program Increments consisting of 3 sprints. Is there any way to create new time hierarchy member, e.g. “PI” name where:

  • the first Program Increment starts by specific date
  • the Program Increment consists of 3 sprints, where 1 sprint duration is 3 weeks = 9 weeks

Example: the PI1 starts by 2020-10-12 and PI2 starts after 9 weeks, P3 starts after 18 weeks etc.

eazyBI does not have default support for Time hierarchies with such long periods. You can define custom Time hierarchies using 2,3,4 week periods, though.

You can consider defining a new custom Time hierarchy with 3 week period to represent Sprint cycles. Then you can define PI members as calculated members using those new Sprint cycles.
Define a new custom time hierarchy with 3 weeks and 2020-10-12 as a start date to get correct cycles:

Select this 3 week level in the report and bookmark periods for a particular PI:

Define a calculated member with the function Aggregate and select all bookmarked sprint cycles to the formula within a formula:

You can define PI cycles with default Weekly hierarchy members as well. However, it might pull in 3 times more weeks and can slow down a report a bit.

You can repeat the same for other PI periods. Then you can use those calculated members in the report.

Daina /