Sprint Cycle calculated member

I’m attempting to aggregate sprints into PIs. I have started by using the additional import method to get sprint weekly cycles as instructed here:

Now I am trying to aggregate members similarly to the tip provided in this thread

I have tried two different formulas:

   [Sprint.Week cycle].[22W49, Dec 05 2022],
   [Sprint.Week cycle].[22W51, Dec 19 2022]


   [Sprint.Week cycle].[Week cycle].[22W49, Dec 05 2022],
   [Sprint.Week cycle].[Week cycle].[22W51, Dec 19 2022]

both result in the following error when selecting the calculated member:

Failed to execute query. Error message:
Internal error: member [[Sprint.Week cycle].[PI 23-5] not found among its siblings.

What am I doing wrong? I assume it’s something small that I’ve missed.

Well, it is indeed working! I came back the next day, and for some reason I am no longer getting the error.

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