Say/do ratio measure with story points planned vs completed within sprint


I’m trying to create a report that captures the story points that were planned vs story points completed. In this percentage calculation I’d like to have the story points from stories added not be included. I’m only looking to capture the original story points planned vs ones that were completed out of that original planned.


  • start of sprint story points planned = 18
    -end of sprint story points completed = 18
  • during sprints story points added = 12
    -ratio percentage = 100% (since we completed the original 18 story points from those stories)
  • ratio percent = 167% (since we completed 30 total which includes the 12 we added)

using this calculation measure:
case when
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed]>0

[Measures].[Story Points resolved]
/[Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed]

Question: what should I tweak here? Should I be using some other measure or forumla?

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How do I remove Story Points that were added from the Stories Points completed?

Hi @mirzet_dolic,

You might want to check out the “Sprint Issues balance” report that answers your question on how many of committed issues are completed in a sprint: Sprint issue balance - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI.
You can export report definition from the Demo account and import into your Jira to get this report.

Check out also those two community posts on similar use cases:

Zane / support@eazyBI