Scroll vertically in wallboard slide


Is there any way to scroll vertically a slide of wallboard?
It’s very complicated calculated if a gadget will exceed the maximum height of slide. The data isn’t displayed complete:

Thank you.


Hi @dgodoy,

Intended functionality for Wallboards is to display eazyBI reports on big screens on the office walls. The mine idea is to show a carousel of most relevant reports and this way share information with all people who enter the room, not to interact with reports. Therefore when creating a dashboard for wallboards, place Page breaks between report, eazyBI interprets those breaks as the start for new wallboard slide.
More details on Wallboards and how to set them up is in the documentation:

During eazyBI community days we had a topic “Best Use of Wallboards” by our partner. Video and presentation slides are available here:

Zane /

Thank you, Zane!

I’ll check out the documentation.