Sharing common filter across 2 data sources

I have 2 data sources in an account

  1. comments - SQl suorce
    2)ENSC - jira integration

‘comments’ has a user field and .‘ENSC’ has a transition author field

I want to make a dashboard with a report from each of these report.
I would like to create a common filter that will filter on the authorfield and user field on both reports.
How do I go about doing that?

Hi @shafiek.bloew,

If you would like to analyze data together, then first import data on comments as additional data to Jira data.

You might want to have the common dimension “Transition Author” for both data sources and reports to analyze data by transition author perspective in shared reports and dashboards. To ensure that, map the user data from SQL SELECT data source to the dimension “Transition Author” and level “User”. Chose the option how to look for users by key or name and the option Skip missing (see picture below)

More details on additional data import into Jira Issues cube and data mapping are here: (

Check out also the training video on “Building Reports on Different Data Sources”, where my colleague explains a beautiful example of how to import additional data use them in the reports.

If you already have imported and mapped additional data to some other dimension representing users, like, “Assignee”, then you may use another approach and change the report so it would use dimension “Transition Author” instead of “Assignee”. Check out this Community post on how to change the context of the report and measures used in the report:

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