Show last year and this year results side by side on bar chart


I’m pretty new to eazyBI and wanted some help creating a comparision report. The report needs to show for each month how many tickets were closed last year, in comparision to the amount of tickets closed each month this year.

I’ve managed to setup the report to show the comparision however, it shows the tickets for each month of the year. Is there a way to show a bar side by side for each month (one bar for 2017 and another for 2018) instead?


Hi dmkans,

I requested the same thing here: Time Dimension Overlay In Reporting


Hopefully this is something that can be done. As it stands, unless I’m missing something, it cannot be without manually creating the custom calculated members for each time aggregate which would be horribly painful.

– Malik Graves-Pryor

Hi dmkans,

@malikgp linked solution is a little bit specific as the time baseline there is the previous year (2017) and the calculated measure shows the current year. But it is close to the solution you need. Please create a calculated measure with the following formula:

[Measures].[Issues closed],
    [Time].CurrentHierarchy.Levels('Year'), 1,

You can read more on the MDX function “Parallel period” on our documentation page -

Roberts /

With eazyBI version 6.0 we added default calculations to compare data to previous periods. You can click on header of the measure Issues closed and select option: Add calculated>Time ago>year ago. This will create a new calculated measure (report specific) with the name Issue closed year ago

Here is how the two looks in one report:

Daina /